Hello, my name is Chris and I'm the creator of Stranded Deep. I want to take the opportunity to say thank you for playing my game. It's been really exciting to watch players find their way around my island and report their discoveries, it makes me feel like a proud papa showing off his baby ;). I've always loved games like DayZ or Minecraft where you can make your own story - there's something fulfilling about having control over the world around you without any restrictions. But if you think this game is about surviving on an island by yourself then think again. I'm proud to say that the majority of the players I've met on this island are friendly, helpful and supportive of each other. I want to encourage this by giving you more reasons to work together with another player. The first thing I'm doing is adding the ability for you to team up with someone else into a group. You can invite another player into your group or they can invite you any time after you've created your character (after the plane crash). The game will remember who invited whom so if they leave your group later on, they will lose access to all buildings and resources they helped create. The person who invited them still has full control over their friends in their group. Another feature I added is the ability to give your friend or teammate some of your inventory items. If you have more than one of an item, you can now transfer any single item - whether it's a weapon, tool or resource - into someone else's backpack by selecting the item and then pressing F on your keyboard. You can also do this with an item on the ground or in your hand (by dragging and dropping it onto another player). They will receive a message telling them that you want to give them that item, they then have 15 seconds to accept the offer. You can have up to five of your inventory items available at a time, the limit resets after you've used all five. If you try to give a second or third item then a new message will appear asking you whether you want to permanently give that item to the person who asked for it. If they've already got one of those items in their backpack, they'll be given a new one from your inventory. I want you to work as a team on this island as much as I do, so there's another big addition coming - tools! You can now craft some basic tools from some resources - axes and drills will be the first ones added. These will help you to chop down trees much faster than your bare hands, and they'll speed up your progress when you're digging tunnels or caves. They won't be as strong as the best tools in the game, but you don't need to craft them until later on in the game when you've gathered enough resources. And remember, teamwork is essential if you want to survive! I'm now focusing my attention on building some new regions for this update. I haven't added too many regions so far because I wanted to spend all my time adding core features before adding lots of content.


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